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The shipyard Gunboat builds sailing cruising catamarans and trimarans. The company has one model of 20.8 m in its model range. Feb 2, 2015 - UPDATE 8/10/2016: To read Rainmaker's salvage listing, click here. To read about Gunboat's bankruptcy, click here. UPDATE 3/14/2016: She's been located and towed, and is … 2021-04-01 Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone, son of Bob Johnstone (J Boats, MJM powerboats), had declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of that year. Production had originated in South Africa, moved to Xiamen, China, briefly to Hudson Yachts in an attempt to economize, and then to North Carolina (see “Building the Big Guns,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 144) before succumbing to financial woes after 14 years. Gunboat International, a high performance luxury sailing manufacturer, announced Wednesday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection in a “perfect storm” of difficult business circumstances.

Gunboat bankruptcy

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Gunboat 55 Centerboard. We are proud to have been the OEM suppliers of the rudder and centerboard for the Gunboat 55 catamaran, and are still supplying these items to the unfinished hulls that were purchased after bankruptcy. Consider us your source for spares! Post Feedback . 2016-05-10 Gunboat 6803 was in her final months of construction when the pandemic hit and France went on lockdown.

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2017-02-15 China-based Hudson Yacht Marine — the entity tied up in litigation with Gunboat regarding what Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone called shoddy work, which the company denied in a countersuit — also submitted a bid to buy Gunboat out of bankruptcy for $610,000, but Grand Large ultimately outbid it. Gunboat catamarans are considered luxurious, very fast, and innovative yachts that aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the marine world. These features however did not seem to be enough to keep the company going strong.

Gunboat, the builder of multi-million dollar, high performance catamaran sailing vessels that located in Wanchese just over three years ago has filed for Chapter 11 protection under the Federal Bankruptcy Code. “In a period of non-stop accolades and introduction of several terrific new models, Gunboat has been quietly struggling 2016-01-19 · PETER JOHNSTONE: No Longer at the Helm at Gunboat. There were a lot of subterranean rumors flying around the show in Annapolis last October about big trouble at Gunboat, so I wasn’t too surprised when the company announced the following month that they were filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (to reorganize rather than liquidate).
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DELIVERING THE WOW FACTOR - GUNBOAT 68 | Gunboat gunboat.com.

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Lambie's younger sister Babs persuades ex-prizefighter Gunboat Bimms to  30 apr. 2019 — ströms group was on the verge of bankruptcy, a merger was finally strengthened by more focus on the pre-1945 history of Dutch gunboat. ströms group was on the verge of bankruptcy, a merger was finally decid- ed. strengthened by more focus on the pre-1945 history of Dutch gunboat diplomacy. It would distress me to be obliged to attest a paper signifying the bankruptcy of having a gunboat painted and waiting for the National Campaign Committee to  That bankrupt Cabinet, however, was dismissed by George III. in March, 1807, Vast works were pushed on at Antwerp and Cherbourg: ships and gunboats  13 okt.